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Secrets of Method Validation
Instructor: James. O. Westgard, Ph.D.
Duration: 38 minute video
Credit: 1
Fee: $45
Computer Requirements: Must have good internet access, plus a browser with an Adobe Flash plug-in.

Why do we do Method Validation? What's the real reason to collect all that data, crunch some numbers, and print out some graphs and statistics? Is it just to satisfy inspectors, accreditors, and regulators? Or is there a real purpose behind it?

Dr. James O. Westgard, Ph.D. answers those questions in this audiovisual short course, which features a half-hour animated, narrated presentation on The Secrets of Method Validation.

Also included in this course are the following materials:

  • Handouts of the slides from Dr. Westgard's presentation
  • A Method Decision chart spreadsheet for download
  • Access to supporting articles about Method Validation

Participants have one month to access the materials and complete the final exam.

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Instructions for Enrolled Participants:

To play the video, click the link at right that says VideoPlayer. This link only appears to registered course participants.

After finishing the video and materials, you can take an exam (also on the right). If you pass this exam with a score of 70% or higher, you will receive continuing education credits.

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