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The Fine Print

Conditions, Restrictions, and Terms of your Enrollment

In other words, The Fine Print

  1. Westgard QC, despite our ardent wishes, does not control the entire Internet. Therefore, we cannot make an ironclad guarantee that at any time you will be able to gain access to the webcast. We have set up our server to provide the best access possible. However, sometimes there will be a surge (or breakdown or malfunction) in Internet traffic somewhere between you and the streaming media server, congestion which might interrupt or even temporarily prevent the webcast. If you are not able to access the webcast on a particular day, we apologize and encourage you to try again, perhaps at a different time of day, perhaps even on a different browser, or a different computer with a different connection, etc. If it doesn’t one minute, it may actually work if you have another minute. If you are continually unable to access the course, we will work with you to compensate you for the difficulty and expense .
  2. Make sure you have all the technical capabilities to view this course. Before enrolling, make sure you have a high-speed connection, an up-to-date browser, and a Flash 8 or 9 plug-in installed. All of these things are required to view the webcast. There's nothing more frustrating than signing up for the course and discovering you don't have the capability of actually taking it.
  3. Enrolling in this course does not entitle you to infinite viewings over an infinite period of time. This enrollment gives you one month of access with up to six viewings of the webcast during that time period. If at any time, you believe you need more time to complete the course, please contact us by email to explain your circumstances, and we may be able to extend your enrollment period. At the end of one month, your enrollment in the course will be closed, barring an appeal from you for extension.
  4. Remember, your enrollment in this course is priced and configured for an individual person. If you wish to have multiple people view the webcast and receive education credits, contact us and we will set up a site license for you. The single person enrollment fee entitles you to one set of continuing education credits.
  5. Yes, we realize this is a rather long and complication set of caveats and conditions. But this is what our lawyers tell us to do. On a more practical level, the expense of maintaining a streaming server and the cost of creating these webcasts forces us to ensure the service is financially and technically viable. We don’t have unlimited servers, unlimited bandwidth, or unlimited resources to create and distribute the webcasts. We appreciate your business and your understanding of these terms.

After all that, we do encourage you to enroll in this course. Really.