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Westgard SVP
Instructor: James O. Westgard

Westgard Sigma Verification Program: Training Resources

For laboratories seeking Westgard Sigma Verification of their method performance, part of the requirements that must be fulfilled involved the training of Quality Managers in Basic Quality Control Practices and Six Sigma Quality Design.

For Quality Managers who are already possess these skills and are ready to demonstrate their competence, online exams are available to be taken at any time. For laboratory professionals who desire more preparation, additional courses are available on this portal to acquire the necessary skills.

More details about the Sigma VP[TM] program can be found at the Westgard Website.

Access to these exams is only granted through special code. You will need to be part of a laboratory applying for Westgard Sigma Performance Verification. You can inquire for more information at

(Please note: since that is a training portal, the username and password from the free portions of the Website do not work there).

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Westgard SVP
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Westgard Sigma Verification Program Quality Manager Exam